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Los Angeles Community Hospitals Donate to Local Community Organizations




The Los Angeles Community Hospital, Norwalk Community Hospital and Los Angeles Community Hospital at Bellflower, each gave back to their community with an annual donation. The total contributions amounted to $2,500, split between East LA Women’s Center, Angel Tree Project, Eastman School Student Affair and Clean the Closets.

Los Angeles Community Hospital donated to both the East LA Women’s Center and the Eastman School Student Affair. The $250 donation to the Eastman School Student Affair will allow the organization to continue providing opportunities for student-focused extracurricular activities, diversity, leadership, events and civic engagement for students.

The hospital also donated $1000 to the East LA Women’s Center. The women’s center founding organization, the East Los Angeles Rape and Battery Hotline, opened its telephone lines to the community of the Greater East Los Angeles area on February 13, 1976. Since then, the center has grown into a safe haven for those affected by rape, sexual and domestic abuse and homelessness throughout Greater Los Angeles, with an emphasis on the Latina community.

“We are thrilled to be able to contribute to an organization that is a beacon of hope, strength and safety within our community,” said Keith Levy, Los Angeles Community Hospital administrator. “The East LA Women’s Center has grown to be a guiding lighthouse for women of our neighborhood and we are proud to stand in alliance with their efforts through our donation.”

“What makes the partnership between the hospital and our organization so special is the fact that we both serve vulnerable and often marginalized groups in the Los Angeles area,” said East Los Angeles Women’s Center Executive Director Barbara Kappos. “We are very grateful for the donation provided by Los Angeles Community Hospital and hope to continue to grow our partnership with them in years to come.”

The Norwalk Community Hospital provided $750 to the City of Norwalk Angel Tree Project. The Angel Tree Project is a program run by the city’s social service department and in conjunction with the Norwalk School District. The holiday program is designed to reach out to families in the school district that are facing financial hardships and to give their children the gift of clothing. The hospital’s donation sponsored 50 angels, with each angel representing one child..

“Collaboration and compassion are some of the core values that we live by and that are embedded in our day to day tasks as a community hospital,” said Dhaiwat Kothari, hospital administrator. “That’s why we are so happy to be able to exercise those values and partner with organizations like the Angel Tree Project that help make the holidays a little brighter for those less fortunate.”

The Los Angeles Community Hospital at Bellflower contributed $500 to Clean the Closets, an internal endeavor established in 2017 that encourages clothing donations to patients of the Behavioral Health Unit. Most of the donations to date have come from employees and community members.

“This is a simple endeavor designed to encourage donated clothing to our BHU patients who need them,” said Thomas Purkiss, Bellflower program director. “We did it last year with great success and are happy to be funding the venture again this year.”